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Exactly what have you done for YOURSELF lately? I am getting concerned about the many women who are confessing to how burnt out they feel. Women are going through their days with a smile on their face appearing to have it all together, but behind the scenes quietly suffering. After speaking with several women here is what I am finding, let me know if this sounds familiar…

Perhaps you are gauging and judging yourself against your best friend who makes running her business and managing her family look like a breeze. Or maybe you think you aren’t measuring up to your neighbor who runs through the neighborhood jogging while pushing her baby in the stroller.  And maybe you feel like you aren’t progressing enough in your business because at the end of the day you haven’t accomplished the 10 things you put on your action list and you feel let down and deflated.

This is what I call Superwoman Envy! I created the Superwoman Lifestyle movement to celebrate women everywhere.  There are people who will tell you to let go of the whole superwoman mentality, but I say EMBRACE it.  Let’s be real, as women we are born nurturers and we will never stop multi-tasking, it’s pretty much impossible.  So instead of trying to buck what is a natural inclination, here is what you should do….

Define what being a Superwoman means to YOU! Don’t worry about your friends and neighbors and what they are doing, define “having it all” for yourself.  We are all different and the dynamic of our lives are different from everyone else.  If you can’t accomplish 10 things each day in your business or life, then make that a more attainable goal of 2 or 3 things.  That way each day when you lay your head down to sleep, you will feel good knowing you moved a minimum of 1% towards your goals and you accomplished something.

The sooner we as women stop comparing ourselves to other people, the better off we will be and it’s at that time that we give ourselves permission to embrace our own strengths. Just like I told…. For every woman you are looking at and admiring, there are 20 women looking at and admiring something about you.

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