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When is the last time you did something different? I’m asking because the “head job” we are able to do on ourselves is a vicious one! I know because I have to outsmart my own self sometimes when I get into a rut!

Here is how it normally works. You have a goal or something specific you want to achieve in life or business.  And you are sincerely passionate about it.  You dream about it, and sometimes you can’t even sleep at night thinking about it.

But when it comes to doing what needs to be done to actually make it a REALITY…you try to find short cuts. Or you engage in busy work to fool yourself into thinking you are moving towards your goal.  But deep down inside you know you are just going through the motions. But you convince yourself that at least you are doing SOMETHING!  After-all, isn’t something better than NOTHING? (NOT)

Let’s take your business for example.  In order to be a successful entrepreneur, there are specific things that must be learned. But most people will avoid those things because they think it is too much work. Or maybe it takes them out of their comfort zone and scares them. Or maybe they just don’t want to put in the effort.

When you allow that self-imposed head game to work on you, everything suffers.  You look up and months and years have gone by where you still have not progressed. You are not moving towards your goals at all, and any progress you make is at a snail’s pace.

You see other people who do what you do moving by leap and bounds but you can’t figure out why.  Well I know why!  It’s because they HAVE decided to do the things that you won’t do.  They have decided to follow a successful blueprint and they are sick and tired of doing that busy work.

They realize in order to get results, they must be willing to do the things that yield results. No more mind games, no more motivational talk and no more B.S.   Just the decision to get the skills they need to make it possible.

So if you are not doing anything different, or you are engaging in busy work to convince yourself you are progressing, then I hope you will reflect on this and say “NO MORE.”

Remember, to be extraordinary, you have to do extraordinary things. Otherwise you are just blending in with the crowd and who wants to do that?

To meet extraordinary people who are taking real action, I hope you join us at the Extreme Women Entrepreneurs Event! A room full of people on their way to the top! Gotta love that!


Cheers to Business, Beauty & Balance,


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