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Are you afraid to email your list or following?  Your fear could once again be harming you in a MAJOR way.

Just about every business today is doing some form of email marketing to their list.  That is because it is a great way to keep your followers engaged and up to date on what you have going on.

But what I am finding is that many entrepreneurs are afraid to send emails to their list.  They seem to be leery of making them upset or “bothering” them.  Well here is my viewpoint on that….

If you are working from a legit email list where people VOLUNTARILY sign up to join with you, it usually means one thing.  They have an interest in what you do and want to see if you could be a possible solution to their problems.

If you are giving out great content and providing value, then your followers will be happy to hear from you often because they see the benefit.

I have friends who email their lists every single day, some twice a day and their followers love it.

The bottom line is this.  If someone is interested, they will stay on your list and eventually invest in your products and services.  If someone is NOT interested they will opt out of your list and leave and there is nothing wrong with that.

You only want targeted, qualified followers on your list anyway.  It’s not about the QUANTITY but rather about the QUALITY of your list.

A person with a 10,000 person list full of unqualified people who aren’t their target market is defeating the purpose.  But a person with a 300 person list full of loyal qualified followers who are indeed their target market is in a MUCH better position than the other and will make more money.

So couple of things here.  One, don’t be afraid to email your list, if someone opts out or sends you nasty message, who cares! (I get them all the time, LOL) They are not your target market anyway, you are only here to serve those who love what you do.  And second, while you should indeed focus on growing your list, you should also focus on making sure you are attracting YOUR exact target market so that your services fit their wants and needs!

Now go email your list today!

Cheers to Business, Beauty & Balance,


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