[E-VOLVE] People Pleasing Again? Vicki Irvin

You can’t be everything to everybody!  You have to get crystal clear on WHO you can best service and provide solutions for.

Entrepreneurs are hitting a brick wall because they believe deep in their soul they know WHO needs their services and WHAT those services should be.  BIG MISTAKE!

Nine times out of ten business owners are way off the mark as to who their target market really is.  This often happens because few people ever take the time to do market research and learn about their ideal client.  They don’t know what income bracket they are in, they don’t know their habits and they never bother to find out what they WANT.

There are a few ways you can accomplish this.  Survey your past clients and customers and of course people who are on your list.  ASK them what they want, but never ever assume you know what they need.  It’s really your job to listen and then provide them with what they want.

Also, stop trying to please everyone.  Not everyone will be able to afford your products or services and that is ok.  It doesn’t mean you should lower or alter them for every person who asks you to.  It means they are not your target market.

There are plenty of things that I can’t afford, I don’t expect the business owner to change their rates for me, I simply find something that I CAN afford.

Too many women are lowering their rates and short-changing themselves trying to please a person who is not their ideal client.  And that leaves you frustrated and giving away your expertise for way less than you should.  That is NOT a good feeling, now is it?

The truth of the matter is most people are not charging enough for what they do in fear of scaring people away.

I can bet you right now that you are probably not charging what you should be and that you are getting increasingly ticked off about it.

Always remember this…Nobody will respect or value your services if you don’t respect and value them yourself!

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