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I just got back from meeting my son Lloyd’s 1st grade teacher, he starts school after Labor Day. I’m also getting a little sad as I look at his long legs and see how much he is growing up. ALMOST makes me want to have another baby, but then I quickly snap out of it! LOL

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Do you know where your prospects and clients are coming from? What are you doing to be seen EVERYWHERE?

Those two questions are extremely important to your business for a couple of reasons. One it lets you know that what media you are using to market is working well, and two knowing that information allows you to concentrate your marketing in areas that are working and pull back from those that are not.  This will save you both time and money.

As for making sure you are EVERYWHERE, that too is critical to your business. You must diversify your marketing efforts and be sure to cover a wide range of places you are seen.  Anyone relying on one sole method of marketing their business like social media, is most likely not getting the results they anticipated.

Successful business owners are using a variety of ways to get their message out to the world. My mentor James Malinchak refers to this strategy as “spiderwebbing,” if you attended the Extreme Women Entrepreneurs Event in July, you heard him talk about it. Using this term allows you to get a visual and see how casting your marketing web a variety of places can bring prospects and clients back to your funnel from different avenues.

You should be speaking on other people’s stages, using social media, using your website and having traffic driven to it, attending seminars and events, radio, TV, Magazine interviews, radio interviews, writing books and giving interviews!

Here is a perfect example. I was on a consultation call yesterday with someone who wanted to inquire about coaching with me. I asked her immediately how she heard about me. Guess what she said? She said she saw me in Millionaire Blueprint Magazine with my husband years ago! WOW. I think that was in like 2007!  Then she said she has seen me in promotions and videos with other top marketers and that she sees me hanging out with James Malinchak and other successful people and she wants to be associated with people who are in those circles too.

This illustrates the importance of being EVERYWHERE! If this person first heard of me in 2007, here we are in 2011 and she is on the phone with me and ready to work with me 4 years later!

It’s not by coincidence that this happens, it is by design.  There is no reason in the world why you too can’t employ this strategy for your business and bring in droves of potential clients from a variety of different places.

It is your job as an entrepreneur to spread your message wide and far so that you can experience the ultimate business success you so deserve and help the people your product or service was designed to help.

So today, I want you to go out and cast your marketing web!

Cheers to Business, Beauty & Balance,


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