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  Have you registered for my Complimentary  tele-class, “Brand Building Blueprint-How to Create and Monetize An Authentic And Unique Brand That Attracts Clients Like A Magnet In 3 Simple Steps” yet?


If  you DON’T have a brand, your brand is NOT bringing you new business, not making you stand out from the crowd, is not memorable to people and is NOT feeling very authentic to you, then you will definitely want to be on this call!

On this call we will dispel common branding myths that are preventing people from profiting in the business and show you what proper branding is REALLY about and how you can create one that works FOR you and not against you!


Doing what others won’t do is what sets you apart in life and in business. So many people claim to want to be successful in life, but rarely do their actions match.

I always say that not having your mind-set in the right place is a MAJOR problem for most entrepreneurs and those aspiring.

If it were super easy, we would all be experiencing major success.  But because it takes dedication and sacrifice, few will ever reach that point.

Sacrifice comes at a price, I know. But you have to weigh the odds on your ultimate goals.  To be an Olympic champion, you have to train and push your mind and body beyond limits you could ever imagine.  That’s why there are so few Olympians.

To be successful as an entrepreneur you have to discipline yourself, invest in yourself and stay consistent, but most can’t do it.

Example: This summer I would have LOVED to take a vacation, but I couldn’t find the time.  I had coaching students and obligations in my business that literally had my entire summer booked up.

I held my annual event the day after my wedding anniversary and didn’t even see my husband because he was in Vegas coaching his people.  Now the average person would have freaked out over the anniversary separation, but it wasn’t a blip on our radar.

Why? Because we are both on missions to help others and we realize we can celebrate on another day.  Not a big deal.

I had ONE day a couple weeks ago to take our son to Disney Land, and I had to break up the day to deliver a 3 hour webinar in my hotel room.  Most people would have never done that.  But I did. After my webinar, we went back out to the park, no big deal.

I have a complimentary call I am giving this Sunday on Building Your Brand and guess what? I will be In VA Beach with my husband’s family, but slipping out for an hour to deliver this call (and he won’t even be there because he has a 4 day event he is doing).  Again, most people would not do that. But to ME…no big deal.

We all have choices in life.  You can do what is ordinary and the status quo, or you can begin to take massive actions that set you apart so that you can reach your ultimate goals.

Sure people will call you crazy, talk about you behind your back and even try to bring you down, but that too is another sign that you are moving away from ordinary and starting to dabble into being extraordinary!

Now go and take some MASSIVE RADICAL ACTION in your business!

Cheers to Business, Beauty & Balance,


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