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Have you been avoiding doing the things in your business that make you uncomfortable? Most likely the answer is yes simply because that is human nature. Most entrepreneurs get in business to share a passion or gift they have to help others.  And that is the part of business that they love.

However, in order to make your business a REAL business, you can’t operate it like a hobby.  And for many women, that is a HUGE challenge.

Sales and marketing scare a lot of people. And instead of diving in to learn how to do it properly, most avoid it, yet wonder why they aren’t profiting in their business.

It’s easy to fool yourself into thinking you are working hard in your business, by doing busy work and avoiding the stuff that REALLY needs to be done.

Sales and marketing is essential for your business to work. Letting people know how you can help them and attracting a steady flow of new clients should be the number one thing you work on every day.

Without clients and customers your business is staying within the hobby category and that leads to frustration.

Instead of avoiding self-promotion, embrace it. If you honestly believe that you have a product or service that helps people, then why aren’t you shouting it from the mountain tops? If you want to help more people and provide them with a solution to their problems, then letting them know that you exist is the only way you can achieve that mission!

People need you and your solutions! Be proud of what you do, be authentic and most importantly make the decision to devote 98% of your time to marketing your business using systems that are proven to work!

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