[E-VOLVE] Is Your Mind too Weak?

Hoping you had an AMAZING Thanksgiving and took time to think about all you are truly grateful for! I had a great time with family and visiting friends.

I wanted to catch you up on what’s been going on with Vicki Irvin Enterprises & Superwoman Lifestyle…

I am getting ready to head to LA in a couple weeks to speak at the James Malinchak bootcamp with about 700 people in attendance. I am excited and honored to be able to share the stage with the legendary Les Brown as well!

In addition, I THINK I have been gifted with a few complimentary guest seats to attend the event in LA, if that is indeed the case, stay tuned for an announcement on how you can get one of my guest seats.  It’s an amazing 4 day event where I already have a BUNCH of amazing women joining me who attended my Extreme Women Entrepreneurs Event in July. We would love to see YOU there as well!And lastly, it was super cool to be chosen as the Vibe Magazine Vixen of the Day this week, check out my feature here:

I was recently interviewed for an article in a magazine and they asked me what I thought was holding a lot of people back from fulfilling their entrepreneurial desires and making them successful.  I am a firm believer that a few CORE things are a MUST for success in business.  A mentor/coach to equip you with the marketing knowledge is a no-brainer, without it, I am 99% sure most people are struggling.

But also a weak mind.  And when I say a weak mind, I mean allowing the opinions and comments of others  to drive your decisions in life and business.  Allowing unqualified people to tell you that your ideas are bad. Not doing what needs to be done simply because you are afraid to fail and even bigger than that, you are afraid of people laughing at you.

Unless you get to the point of not giving a damn, you will remain a slave to the commentary of random “people.”  People don’t matter when it comes to YOU doing something bigger for the enrichment of yourself and your family. People shouldn’t be given the power to rule your life and decisions when they should be more concerned with their own lives.

An entrepreneur on a path to success is immune to criticism. They recognize that jealousy and envy comes with their plight. They KNOW that people unhappy with themselves or their own life will have a hard time being happy for them. They KNOW they will lose friends who tell them they have “changed.”  In actuality nothing about you has changed except your deep desire to WIN and succeed.  But “people” only see that you are doing something they wish they too could do, and unfortunately in comes out in a negative way.  OH WELL!

I know PLENTY of people who have put the brakes on their dreams out of fear of losing friends! Trading in your goals and success in order to appease unhappy people is RIDICULOUS!  Why? Because they are going to be unhappy whether you are successful or not!  It’s not your problem.

If you are going to fail, then fail on your own! But do NOT fail because you never tried in order to keep friends.  Because guess what? Those are NOT true friends!

Clean house and surround yourself with more positive people who are secure in themselves and have the ability to motivate and encourage you.  Those type of people DO exist. They are like-minded people who also have aspirations.  They aren’t threatened by you, but rather they are inspired by you!

Cheers to Business, Beauty & Balance





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