[E-VOLVE] “I’m Not Contributing A Dime To Your Bank Account!” Vicki Irvin

“I’m Not Contributing A Dime To Your Bank Account Vicki”

Yup, someone sent me a nasty email letting me know that they were not contributing a dime to my bank account. This is a person who signed up on my list and been on it for a while.  I guess they finally got fed up with me launching all my products and services to help entrepreneurs get to the level they deserve and decided to “let me have it.”

But let me tell you what this misguided person REALLY has going on.  First, the nasty messages was sent from their government agency email meaning they were strapped to their desk at work, most likely frustrated, I can empathize, they probably have bigger dreams for themselves.

Second the mind set is clearly off and here is why. Anyone who opts into my list does so on a voluntary basis and most likely is someone interested in self-investment and entrepreneurship.

I am an entrepreneurial and business coach who shows others how I was able to build a million dollar business by focusing on sales and marketing strategies.  Those who my message resonates with and who want to jump on board, I will gladly give all that I have got.

But those who look at their own self-investment as an investment in ME instead have got it all wrong. This means the focus is on my business and what I have built and somehow that bothers them. Jealousy? Maybe, but what I find most is that people are frustrated with their own situations and so they lash out at others.

If you want to be a doctor, you must make the investment to go to medical school. Want to be a lawyer, you must invest in law school.  Want to be a successful entrepreneur, you invest in a mentor or coach who can lead you there.

At the end of the day, when someone has knowledge that you do not have that can move you towards your desired goal, you make the decision to invest in getting it.  That’s what I do all the time, don’t you?

I remember being at work too, not wanting to be there and feeling chained to my desk. But when I made the decision to learn how to invest in real estate, I didn’t get mad at the coaches who taught real estate investing, instead I wrote them a check to learn how to do what they were doing.

When I wanted to learn more about marketing and profitable live events, I wrote James Malinchak a check to learn how.  I didn’t get upset at him being a multi-millionaire and feel as if I was giving him anything he didn’t already have, it was an investment in ME because I believe in myself.

And guess what? If I hadn’t written him a check, he would STILL be a millionaire and I would STILL not have the knowledge I needed. So I ask you, who is WINNING when you refuse to pay someone who is already successful with or without you to learn a skill you don’t have?

Don’t ever let your frustration take over, always believe in yourself enough to know that you are worthy of better things and that the people who can help you get there are actually your allies and not your enemy!

Just ask all my coaching students who are shocked and amazed to see that I am their biggest cheerleader in both life and in business!

This one mind-set shift alone can open up a brand new world!

Cheers to Business, Beauty & Balance,


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