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I read an amazing article from my friend MaryEllen today! She went in pretty hard on people who only have negative comments when it comes to the success of other people. Yup, it’s jealousy rearing its ugly head again!

It bothers me when I hear women tearing other women down. First of all, rarely is anyone an overnight success. There are blood, sweat and tears involved in attaining any level of success, just because you don’t see them doesn’t mean they don’t exist. That’s the stuff behind the curtain.

A successful person is working to make it happen. They are investing in themselves to get the tools they need to move forward and surviving the bumps in the road we all have to take.

Instead of tearing that down, it is to be celebrated. Instead of focusing on their success in a negative way, it’s much better to see what they did and pick up some tips and strategies that you too can use.

I personally LUV meeting successful women and admire so many of them. I am always reaching out and offering my assistance to help others.  I connect people all the time in hopes they can do business together and help serve with their gifts and expertise.

I sat down for lunch with my friend MaryEllen Tribby who has built THREE multi-million dollar companies and she offered to help me in any way she can. I wasn’t jealous of her success, I was amazed and excited to be able to learn from her and very grateful for the opportunity, as she is FIERCE!

You never know what path someone had to take to get where they are.  It’s ok to envy what someone else has, I do it all the time. Envy means you want it for yourself, but you are also happy for the person who has it. That is a source of motivation to work harder and it’s a good thing.

But for the people who bombard you with the negativity just because they can’t be happy for someone else, it’s time to step away and find a more positive circle.

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