[E-VOLVE] Don’t Get Blinded! Vicki Irvin

Don’t Get Blinded By The Bling!

Feeling sick lately? Perhaps you have been plagued by the shiny new thing syndrome running rampant!  The Shiny new syndrome disease is when you hop from thing to thing, idea to idea, and event to event moving fast, but with no real direction.

People with this syndrome love to invest in themselves, attend events and sign up for courses which is the GREAT part. But the problem is that they never really get around to actually implementing in their business.  Not only that, but they overwhelm themselves with information while each idea gets grander than the next until they are seeing stars!

Doing this is sure to keep you stuck for a few reasons:

  • One because you never sit down and implement the basics in your business.  The basics represent the core foundation we all need to get a business structure in place that is going to work for us consistently.
  • Second, this syndrome keeps you in a whirl wind where you are constantly changing your business name, mission and branding which is keeping your audience confused and quite frankly causing them to lose trust in you. When they see you doing this, they assume you are still “finding yourself” and no longer feel confident you can help them because you yourself do not appear to be established or decisive.
  • Thirdly, this vicious cycle will eventually wear you down, eating away at your motivation and drive until you are frustrated to the point of giving up.

Enough about the devastating effects of this entrepreneurial and business disease, let’s find a solution and move forward…

#1- you are doing what most people will never do and that is investing in your most important asset…YOU! Attending great events like the Extreme Women Entrepreneurs Event is one of the best things you can do for your business. Events like this that are content rich will provide you with a multitude of golden nuggets, but it’s your job to take at least one or two big ideas and put them into play immediately.

#2- Make the commitment to yourself to not get caught up in all the hype in business, most of it just a bunch of distracting junk. You must stick to the core things that the most successful people are doing, the people with a proven track record.  You will notice that I don’t deviate much from my core teachings, I stick with what works and don’t allow all the “popular” unproven fads and internet crazes to infiltrate my own business or what I give to my peeps.

#3- Ask yourself if you are floundering because you are avoiding the implementation phase of your business.  I know that implementation is one of the biggest roadblocks for people in business and what happens is that you end up avoiding it by jumping from thing to thing. You keep yourself busy doing “busy work” but when you look up, not much is being accomplished and the money you deserve to be making is not being made.

#4- There is no way you can hear and absorb every single thing you get from an information packed event like the ones I put on. So instead focus on what really resonates with you at that point in time and go back and implement it with speed.  The next time you attend my event you will hear yet another big idea you missed before, and it’s your job to go back and implement that too. You continue to do this over and over and before you know it, you will have accomplished more in 12 months than you have in the last 12 years!

#5 Stop waiting for everything to perfect! There is no such thing as perfection, it’s a notion that will prevent you from moving forward. Nobody cares about how many certifications you have or how many Masters degrees you’ve acquired, they only want to know that you can provide a solution to their problem. Always remember that an imperfect action is better than no action at all!

Motivation is derived from implementation, each time you take action and get a result, you will be pumped up to do it over and over again. So don’t get blinded by the bling, stick to the basics and add in new useful things along the way!

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