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Save the date! The 3rd annual Extreme Women Entrepreneurs Event is taking place July 6-8th 2012 in Washington DC. If you have been to this event before, you know that I consistently bring in the TOP entrepreneurs in the world to share their secrets and strategies. Many of my speakers are self-made multi-millionaires who have mastered the art and science of marketing and they hold nothing back! We also bring in special talent and celebrities and make sure we have a GREAT time too!

So if you have not made it to this incredible 3 day event, I urge you to save the date and make it a priority. Every year you let slip by trying to do it all alone, is time you are wasting. Nothing changes until you make the decision to learn something new and model success!  We would LOVE to have you!

***To all of my amazing “Event Alumni,” stay tuned for special alumni registration just for YOU!***



I am smack dab in the middle of several different coaching programs for entrepreneurs who are on a mission to design a profitable business.  One emerging issue coming up consistently is the frustration people are experiencing trying to master the art of “email marketing.”  Sound familiar?

There aren’t too many businesses today that can’t be marketed and promoted on line! In fact if you are NOT marketing your business on line, I can guarantee you aren’t making anywhere near the money you could be making.  After all, on line marketing is the new yellow pages.

But the challenge people are facing is how to get someone on line to purchase their products and services.  Once a person is on your list, just what do you say to convince them that your product is PERFECT for them?  Once a person listens to your amazing tele-class, what do you say to get them to want to work with you even more?

The answer is simple! You must learn HOW to speak to your target market! You must learn what their issues and problems are so that you can write to those points and show people that you understand their desires.  You also must be able to connect with people and make them like you! Nobody does business with people they do not like.  And if you are not connecting with people and establishing a rapport with them, then there is no way they can get to know and like you either.

I get that this is an area people struggle in.  Writer’s block prevents you from thinking of things to say and write about and then before you know it, you are no longer communicating with your list on a regular basis. This inconsistency a list killer, a trust breaker and something you NEVER want to do.

When you spend precious time and money building up a qualified list of prospects, the LAST thing you want to do is make them lose interest by not delivering what you say you will.

I have recently gone underground to develop a resource to help my clients and followers come up with a strategy for effective and lucrative email marketing…especially when you are marketing to a primarily female market. The language the male marketers are using is harsh and dominating. Women consumers don’t respond to that kind of talk.  Sure it works on men, but women aren’t built the same way. Our buying decisions are driven by different things.

There are proven differences in the male and female consumer and if you want to learn how to speak the language women want to hear, then what I have come up with will be a perfect fit for you and help you to finally get your email marketing on track so that you can take it to the bank!

For goodness sake, talk to “her” the way she wants to be talked to!


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