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I have been going a bit bonkers lately! My husband is in Vegas filming the UFC reality show on FX TV. Translation, I am picking up the slack with him gone and he is pretty much gone for a couple of months.  I’m happy he is on national TV living out his dreams every Friday night, but I do have my moments when I want to fly down there and drag him back on a plane! LOL

But I am going to be a team player because my time to go and film for TV will be coming soon and I am going to need the same reciprocity! I know how to play the game, trust me!


Can You Put A Check On This Checklist?

Do you watch Tabatha’s Salon Take Over? Great show, where Tabatha goes into fledgling hair salons and tries to save their businesses!

Her first course of action is to observe and make an assessment of just where the problem resides. Normally it’s poor customer service, lack of effective management, and most importantly, A LACK OF EFFECTIVE MARKETING!  Like I always say, you can open up whatever business you want, but if you can’t bring in the clients and customers, it won’t last too long!

Do you ever notice that you will see a new business go up, but walk back by in about 6 months and see a “going out of business” sign? Same issue.  People are under the false assumption that getting a store front, a business license and a website are all you need and that customers will come flocking to you.  Unfortunately, it’s just not that simple!

The same concept applies for an on-line business regardless if you are a coach, consultant, speaker or trainer.

No matter how much you try to avoid it, client attraction is king in truly profiting in your business!

I put together a basic checklist to help you determine if you are on the right path, or if you may be heading for that dreaded “going out of business” sign yourself!

  1. Do you have a website that captures email?
  2. Is traffic being driven to your website?
  3. Do you create new products for your business frequently?
  4. Do you have a structure in place to move people into higher levels of working with you?
  5. Do you have a loyal following of prospects that you consistently communicate with and provide value to?
  6. Do people meet you and say, “hey, I have heard of you before?” (brand recognition)
  7. Do you create “buzz” around everything you do?
  8. Are you confusing people by changing your brand as often as you change your socks?
  9. Do people often ask you what it is exactly you do because they are confused?
  10. Are you consistent in all you do or do you work in SPURTS?

Ideally you want all of these things in place, but we all have areas we need to work on. The key is to jump in the game and realize you must run your business on a system and stop treating it like a hobby.

Your challenge is to take inventory of which of these areas you need to bring up to par, and most importantly, actually take action to correct them.  Knowing is half the battle, but DOING is where the money is made!

You don’t have to try and do these things alone either, you can come hang out with me, Stedman Graham and ALL my other speakers at the Extreme Women Entrepreneur’s Event in July!


Cheers to Business, Beauty & Balance,


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