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If You Can’t Afford the Jimmy Choos, You Just Can’t Afford Them!

One of the challenges faced by many of my clients and entrepreneurs in general is deciding how to price their products and services. People seem to be torn between charging what they are worth, but not wanting to “spook” people by appearing too highly priced.

Before you can even set prices for your product or service, you must first take a look at your competitors and see what they have going on.  Looking at what other people in your industry or niche are doing helps to give you a starting point for making this big decision.

What you will find is that your competitors will fall into three basic categories. Highest, medium and lowest.

Let me start by saying you NEVER want to be the lowest priced.  It sends a message to people that you don’t value what you do and perhaps you don’t think you are worth it. Additionally, it is very difficult to see a substantial return on investment when you set your prices low, in some cases you may be going in the red. Time is money, and your time is valuable.

Being placed in the medium category is better, as long as you are able to turn a profit and you are not working with little to show for it.

But being in the highest place or close to it is ideal. It conveys that you are a leading authority in your area and that you deeply value the transformation you are able to bring to your client or customers.

Couple of things to be aware of:

You can’t place yourself in the highest category without providing social proof of people you have provided value to. Social proof and having rave reviews from people you have worked with helps to establish your expertise and solidify your place in your field.  What other people have to say about you is ten times more powerful than anything you can ever say about yourself.

Additionally you can’t place yourself in the highest level unless you too are investing in YOURSELF at a high level. It’s incongruent and something that people will notice right away.

Regardless of where you decide to set your prices, one thing is certain. If you lack the confidence to state your prices without wavering, people will see that and will choose not to work with you. You must feel good about your worth and confident marketing your business to the world.

If you entertain conversations of bartering services or reducing your prices to accommodate everyone who wants to work with you, you are single-handedly killing your credibility and your business.

If you are finding that you are CONSISTENTLY being asked to reduce your prices, the problem is very clear. You are talking to and marketing to the WRONG people. Your ideal is client is one who can afford to pay you, not the ones who can’t.

When we go to the store and can’t afford the Jimmy Choo shoes, we can’t pick up the phone and ask Mr. Choo to reduce the price or give us a hook up, now can we? And you should run your business the same way!

It’s a simple fix when you learn how to find the RIGHT people, and how to attract them to you. Once again it all goes back to your ability to effectively market using a proven system that works for you on autopilot.

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If you don’t value yourself, how can you expect someone else to?

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