[E-VOLVE] Be Aggressive Or Get Walked On! Vicki Irvin

I’m here in LA at James Malinchak’s Big Money Speaker Boot-camp with over 700 entrepreneurs meeting some great people and making some new connections.  I speak this weekend on the power of list building and how that is exactly where the money in your business resides.  Build, grow and nurture your list and watch your bank account grow as well!


I am so happy to see many of my clients, students and mastermind members here at the event as well, my goal is it to expose and encourage people to hang out with me and get great value all over the world, investment is key!  Oh and I can’t wait to hear Les Brown speak, I am sure I will have pages of notes!

Are you aggressive enough in your business? Probably not! When it comes to your business, if you are not the driving force behind it getting your message out in a BIG, BIG way, chances are you are not being heard by too many people!

I am surrounded by marketers all of the time. I have been fortunate enough to get into some cool circles and learn from some of the best people out there, many of them MEN with a whole LOT of testosterone.

While it can get draining being with “the boys” all of the time, one thing they have taught me to do is to be aggressive and have a thick skin.  How you present yourself to others will determine how they react to you and IF they respect you.  I am definitely respected in the industry and I am proud of that!

Many women, although not all, tend to shrink back when it comes to promoting themselves and putting themselves out there. Often times this is due to their reluctance to be criticized by others.

If you are running your business as a slave to the opinions of others, a slave to adjusting your business prices to accommodate others, or even listening to the “suggestions” of your clients, I can tell you that you are making a BIG mistake.

That old phrase that the “client is always right” is some B.S.!   You do not build a business based on the unqualified opinions of customers or clients.  If someone does not like how you run your business, or your rates, then they need to seek out someone else….but YOU do NOT adjust based on their opinions.

Now I am all about client feedback when it comes to them letting you know their wants and desires for products and services, that is market research and that is smart.

But I am opposed to people whining and complaining about your business structure based on them believing the world revolves around them.  LET THEM GO ELSEWHERE.

As entrepreneurs we build our business to have freedom and control.  We set standards and rules.  We offer them to people and those that like it, like it.  And those that don’t have the choice to move on to someone else.

I do NOT want to see you dance and adjust yourself or your biz just to be liked by others. Always remember that no matter what you do, you will always have critics, especially as you get even more successful.  It comes with the territory and actually means you are doing something right!

So be aggressive, stick to your guns, choose your clients wisely and demand the respect you deserve in your market place!

Cheers to Business, Beauty & Balance!


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