[E-VOLVE] Bad Decisions Haunting You? Vicki Irvin

Only a couple slots left for my August 11th Business Reinvention Retreat!  This is a FULL day of you working with me to overcome the challenges in your business that are keeping you from profiting due to a lack of knowledge, a lack of systems, or just plain old fear.  This event is NOT me teaching and you taking notes….this is US implementing, tweaking and fixing your business all day so that you leave totally set up for profit.  My systems guy will be there to do all things technical you need done like opt in pages, web pages, email management systems like aweber, infusion, constant contact , even VIDEOS!

So far, I have an amazing group of women coming from as far as SC to  have their business reinvented and I am excited to work with them one on one. Nothing changes until YOU make the decision to do something different and something PROVEN to work!

The investment for this one day event is $997 and we are even offering a 2 pay plan! To learn more about what we will be doing and to SEE where we will be working in my secret location, check out the video here:

I had a consultation with a woman who wanted me to help her with her business.  She was more than passionate about her expertise and being able to help as many people as possible and I was totally on board with her enthusiasm.  But where she was falling short was her willingness to invest in herself to get what she needs.

She told me that she had hard time taking the plunge to learn from a qualified mentor or coach.  I asked her why. She said because, “what if what they tell me doesn’t work?”  To that I replied, is what you are doing now working? She said no, but at least she wasn’t spending any money.

So I asked her what “spending money” meant to her.  She said paying for ANYTHING.  I then asked her how many vacations she took a year and she said about 2-3.  I asked her if she had a hard time paying for that.  She said no.  I asked her how often she got her hair and nails done and she replied every couple of weeks.  I asked her if she had a hard time spending money on that and she said, no.

After a few more questions, I asked her to reflect on what she was telling me.  On one hand she has this amazing business that is not bringing her the profit that she wants and keeps her up worrying at night but yet she won’t take the appropriate action to do anything about it.  But on the other hand she has these steady fixed costs on things that any successful person will tell you are not valuable in the long run (hair, nails, vacations).

We talked about choices in life.  You CHOOSE to spend money on whatever you make a priority in life. That’s a personal decision, but you cannot blame people when your decisions are NOT bringing you positive results.  It’s nobody’s fault but your own.

Too often we find ways to place blame elsewhere when all we have to do is look in the mirror. I hear people ALL the time complain about the things they don’t have and how they wish things were different.  But if you WATCH the choices they consistently make, you are able to see just why things are not going right.

Everyone makes mistakes, I sure do all the time.  But when we REPEAT the same patterns and mistakes over and over is when it’s time to wake up. When we RUN from what will help us and gravitate towards what doesn’t help us, we need to STOP and figure out why.

For the business person who has something bigger to share with the world, I think it’s a shame to waste your talents by getting caught up in a vicious cycle of not valuing yourself enough OR believing in yourself enough to invest in YOU.

And here is my last sentiment for you.  How in the world can you ever expect someone else to believe in you or what you are doing when they can clearly see you do not believe in you? If you won’t even invest in you, how can you ever expect someone else to take a chance on you?

As bad as I want it for you, YOU have to want it more than anyone else!

Cheers to Business, Beauty & Balance,


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