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Put The Spotlight Back On YOU!

Are you able to distinguish yourself from your competitors? In a crowded market, what do you do that is so different from everyone else? What is totally unique about your product or service that makes it a no-brainer for a person to choose you over everyone else?

If you are unable to answer any of these questions because you just don’t know, then chances are you either do not have a brand for your business, or your brand is not built or based on anything strategic.

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Let me paint a scenario for you.  I often hear entrepreneurs complain that the economy has totally killed their business.  They say that they can no longer make money because customers just don’t have any money right now, and therefore their business is barely hanging on.  Well, I say that is not entirely true.

I say that because I know people in every niche and industry imaginable who are having their best years in business ever.  While their competitors may be struggling or having to close their doors, they are thriving because they learned how to position themselves differently in the marketplace. That means they have a “hook” and something that is causing people to gravitate towards them over everyone else.

Learning how to strategically do that is a skill in itself and one that could very well be the difference between your business thriving…or dying.

People still have money, they just put more thought into where to spend it, and who to spend it with. So don’t be fooled by all the economy doom and gloom, chances are your business could be thriving too, if you had just the right branding and positioning!

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