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OK! Time To RAISE Them!

I hear entrepreneurs complain all the time that they KNOW they are not charging enough for their products and/or services but they are scared if they raise them, nobody will work with him.

I get it.  This is one of those tough hurdles in business that it is hard to get over.  The fear of scaring people away.  The justification that some money is better than no money at all….even when it’s not worth your time and it is devaluing your expertise.

Sound familiar? Of course it does!! How do I know? Because it’s one of the hardest things for me to get my clients to do.

Here’s the deal. You have a gift or talent. You have invested in your craft and you KNOW your stuff works.  You solve problems for people. You care about what you do and you put time and thought into it.  So why in the world would you practically give it away?

Come with me on a mind-shift real quick.  Here is an analogy that I LOVE to use…

You have been going to the same hair stylist for years and you simply love him or her.  They care for your hair, they know how to cut it just right and they always leave you looking FIERCE.  So one day they tell you that they are going up on their prices because they haven’t done so in years and it is time.  What do you do?

Do you get upset and decide to go elsewhere and gamble on someone new? Or do you begin paying the new price?  9 out of 10 people will stick with their beloved stylist and pay the new rate! See, they raised their prices and YOU didn’t go anywhere, now did you?

Of course not!  Here is why…they do an amazing job, they have established a relationship and connection with you, most likely serving as a therapist to all your problems too, and the thought of someone new playing in your hair and messing it up makes you cringe, right?

So your stylist has established their value in your life and it has become a “Must have” for you.

Well why can’t you think of your OWN products and services the same way? Don’t you too provide value? Don’t you too have a connection with your clients? Have you too become a MUST HAVE in their lives?

If so, I want you to begin charging what you are truly worth! You never want to be the cheapest in town, people don’t want cheap they actually want value!

So if you know you are short-changing yourself, I challenge you to make a change today. Charge what you are worth and target the people who can afford your services!

An immediate increase in price is immediate new revenue!

Cheers to Business, Beauty & Balance,


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