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I hope you enjoyed the long holiday like I did, not only was it Martin Luther King’s birthday, but I celebrated mine as well and had a blast! My friends and husband surprised me with a great evening they had planned.  But now it is back to business as I make final selections for my next coaching program and prepare for my appearance on Lifetime TV that I am so excited about.

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What are you most interested in doing? Making people believe your business is thriving, or actually filling up your bank account? So many entrepreneurs are falling into the trap of having their egos stroked while really, behind the scenes, they aren’t making any money.

With the advent of social medias like Facebook and Twitter, people are able to hide behind a computer and pretend to be doing all kinds of things.  And because it looks good, most people will actually buy into it. And sure, It feels good to have people on Facebook post all types of great things about you and your business, but at the end of the day, are ANY of these people actually paying you for your products or services?

Are you sick and tired of people saying how much they love your radio show, or blogs, or your tele-seminars and webinars…but they never actually invest with you? If the answer is yes, then you are not alone by a long shot. I have people sending me emails all the time asking my advice on why they can’t get people to buy from them. Yes, people may love what you have to say and tell you that you are great, but why or why aren’t they paying you? THAT is the big question!

Typically it is because there is something wrong with your process. Perhaps you are giving away every single thing you know, making the person feel as if they have what they need already.  Or maybe you aren’t giving enough away, leaving the person feeling like you haven’t provided them with any real content.  And maybe, you never learned the proper way to construct your tele-seminars and live events, and so you are lacking a proven conversion process. Perhaps you haven’t yet learned how to properly write compelling marketing messages. Or, maybe you are talking to the wrong market who can’t afford to pay you.

Of course you can fix any of those things, but it starts with being committed to working ON your business and not IN your business. Remember, at the end of the day, you started your business to make money, not impress people.

So I ask you, is your business a REAL business, paying you like a business, or are you stuck in the “hobby zone?”

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