Dust Yourself Off-Vicki Irvin’s Maryland Real Estate Investing

I survived! All of the staff is out of my house, I could only take one day of that! My son is back in school feeling better and my life is getting back to normal for now! Thanks to all of you who sent me personal notes to hang in there.

I regularly receive lots of emails from people sharing their life trials and tribulations. Lately it seems that so many people are going through one circumstance or another. I try to answer as many emails as I can, and those that I can’t I speak to people in masses.

We have all been through one thing or another at some point. And sometimes it just seems when it rains it pours. For example, two days ago my 78 year old father had surgery. He is fine though. My 20 something year old nephew was waiting to hear what the growth on his lungs were. Turned out to be Sarcoidosis rather than the possible cancer they initially thought it could be. And my mom’s good friend who was the picture of health had a massive heart attack out of the blue and died. It has DEFINITELY been pouring.

So to all of you who are going through something, whether it be health, financial or emotional, I hear ya and I understand. None of us is exempt from this thing called life and some things are beyond our control. But for the things that are within our control, we must take responsibility for them and fight back to the top. It’s okay to be upset and bitter for a moment, but long term doesn’t do anything positive for you. Take that energy and channel into making a come back. Nobody is going to fight for you like YOU will.

So if you are feeling down and out. STOP! Take a DEEP breath and form a plan to pull yourself out. You have the inner strength to do it and nobody can take that away from you!

I have to run, we have another jam packed Real Estate Investing Retreat tomorrow and I have to make sure all if going according to plan! Oh, and my offices are coming together nicely, I will be sure to show you the before and after video, you will be amazed!

Have you been to one of our dynamic real estate investing seminars? If not, come check us out on February 26th and see real life people just like yourself who are now making life changing money through the power of real estate investing!

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