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MY TRIP TO THE DOMINICAN HAS BEEN CANCELLED! As you know, I was supposed to leave tomorrow for some fun in the sun with some of my girlfriends. However, one of my best friends in the world passed away last night after a long and tough battle with cancer. But I am not sad! My friend was a fighter and he lived his life to the fullest. We traveled together a lot and he was able to live a pretty healthy life despite the cancer, so we took trips to Miami all the time and partied! My friend Saul was also in the entertainment industry and he owned a graphics and photography business in DC. He was a popular entrepreneur in the metropolitan area and will be missed by so may people. He was so proud of my switch to being a successful investor and he bragged about me all the time. The nurses in the hospital were shocked at how many visitors and celebrities came by to visit him. In our last conversation, I was able to tell him I loved him and he told me he loved me too. You always hear people talk about telling folks you love them while they are here, and the reality of that hit me dealing with this situation. That is why I am not sad, he has gone on to a better place and he has peace now. So that is why I cancelled my trip to Dominican, I am staying here for his home coming. I can do to the Dominican anytime.

Taking a lesson from my friend Saul, you just never know about life or what your future holds for you. So while you are here on this earth, you MUST fulfill your dreams and aspirations and you must live every day like it is your last. This is the same mentality that gave me the courage to walk away from a six figure job and pursue something brand new. There was no point in me dragging myself to a job that was no longer challenging to me and brought me no joy. That is merely existing. I wanted to be like the people I knew who made good money and loved what they were doing. Can you imagine LOVING the very thing that brings your income in the door? Can you imagine working hard for YOURSELF and calling you own shots? I can tell you first hand that there is nothing like it. I am very proud of myself for tackling my fears of the unknown and making the transition from employee (making someone else rich) to Investor, making MYSELF rich. I can’t quite explain the feeling, so instead I want you to feel it for yourself!

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