Don’t Be Scared Or Ashamed Of Success- Vicki Irvin

Ok, NO excuses! I have been completely M.I.A….. MISSING IN ACTION! I know, I know and nobody feels worse about it than me. But I have been being very productive, I promise!

We have been coaching soooo many people on real estate investing! I think I have done a pretty good job of dispelling the media myths about the real estate market and the economy overall. I am so glad I am not the only one buying into all of the media hype about the market! And guess what? Right now, I am on a break in my hotel room in Tennessee. I am at a conference with hundreds of pretty important people and the message of the day is how so many people are being brainwashed by the media. THE DOOM AND GLOOM of the economy is so much hype! Guess what? This cycle has been going on forever and the people who come out on top are those who do not buy into the hype. Don’t let shifts in the world dominate your life because soon you will feel deflated and defeated when you could be finding hidden opportunities.

For example, while uneducated people in real estate are running scared, the educated investors are making a killing in real estate. This is the best time to make money as an investor because properties are selling low and there isn’t much competition to get them. And the proof is in the pudding, I have students doing deals and making money every single week. And because they are now educated investors, they too are reaping the rewards. Oh and did I mention there are several Maryland Real Estate Secrets Investors here too? Some I didn’t even know were coming! And this is not a real estate conference this is a conference for entrepreneurs and business owners from all industries.

Guess who is sitting a few seats down from me????…….. None other than Ron Legrand himself, the grandfather of real estate investing. He and my husband Lloyd both belong to the same high level coaching groups with Dan Kennedy and Bill Glazer. Ron and I were featured in a movie together and although we were in the same movie, I have never had a chance to speak to him. But I will be talking to him while I am here, I’ll let you know how that goes!

My friend Kristi Frank from Donald Trump’s apprentice is here as well, she came to my house last summer to film a project we were doing. I haven’t had a chance to speak to her yet either, but I plan to get with her too.

It is GREAT to be with so many inspiring people. Here everyone pushes you towards success and everyone works hard to leave a legacy for their kids. Do you know how people or the media make is seem shameful to be successful or make money? For whatever CRAZY reason the media likes to attack people who are ambitious. When In reality we should all be doing as much as we can in as many niches or industries as possible. That is how we are able to leave something better for our kids and grandkids so that they don’t have to go through the same struggles we did. So for those of you who have big dreams and for those of you experiencing success, my hat goes off to you. Being successful is an accomplishment, so never let jealous people or the media make you feel ashamed about what you have worked so hard for. Because if they had the chance to be really successful, you can best believe they would!! So keep working hard!

Vicki Irvin
The Real Estate Investing Queen
Maryland Real Estate Secrets

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