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Happy Monday to you! I hope you didn’t get buried in that snow yesterday! Seems it just came out of no where fast!

But snow can’t stop my show. We have our mastermind group meeting this week. These are high level groups that my husband belongs to and yours truly just happens to be the partner he is able to bring. We are in the room with SIX of the top real estate investors in the country for two loooonnnggggg days! Can you imagine the information we will be getting on the latest real estate investing strategies? More importantly, the new marketing ideas that we get will be PRICELESS. Remember, I always say that success as an investor comes from knowing how to market for leads and deals. Without that ability, you will eventually sink.

You have got to continuously educate yourself and do things that make you stand out. Let me give you an example. Maryland Real Estate Secrets held an event that was scheduled yesterday at 1:00pm and YOU know what the weather was like. Do you know we had a full house? Do you know how hard it is to get people in the Metro area to come out at the tiniest hint of bad weather, let alone a full-fledged snow storm like the one we had yesterday? What made those people brave the weather and come out anyway? I’ll tell you what…the desire to build an extraordinary life for themselves and the burning desire to set themselves apart from the “norm�. And that is impressive to me. I feel like we had a room full of people who have been looking for mentors to push them to this level and I am very proud of them.  Every other event that was scheduled canceled except us.  The hotel was amazed our people showed up, when their staff called out due to the weather!

What have you done to set yourself apart from everyone else lately? What extraordinary behaviors have you displayed that made people take notice? Have you acted upon any of the burning desires you have inside of you? Have you taken fast decisive action and implemented any of the ideas that I KNOW you have floating around in your mind?

If you too would like to be surrounded by real go-getters who display extraordinary behaviors that breed success, register for my next seminar on March 7th. Come see real life people just like you who had their lives changed!

Get “Rich-N- Fit� with the Queen! Can you really afford not to?

P.S. Have you heard all the buzz about Metro Money Makers? If you want to see for yourself, come on out and see one of the top information marketers in the world take ordinary businesses to extraordinary businesses. He didn’t make the cover of Millionaire Blueprint Magazine for nothing, let a self-made millionaire from your own community show you the plan for success. If you are a business owner or entrepreneur, I want to see you on Wednesday, February 28th at the Colony South Hotel at 7:00pm. You may register at  

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