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Happy Monday! I have left LA and I am now in Miami. This is an official vacation and I am enjoying it! My body is just unsure what coast it is on, but I will readjust quickly, I am about to go lay out at the pool I am waiting for my husband and son to arrive.

Do you value your time? You have got to start figuring out what your time is worth because we can NEVER get time back. My wonderful assistant booked all my flights and I should have checked them before getting to the airport! In corporate america we are taught to save costs for the company and that includes getting the best airline tickets at the best price. Well, we have slightly different views. If cutting costs means that I have to travel by air an entire day including lay-overs in crazy cities, then I am not interested. I value my time more than that. And that is what my assistant did. She had me traveling around the globe and hanging out in airports for an entire day! And she felt good about it because she saved money and as able to apply an unused ticket I had from before! But what she didn’t realize is that I could have been doing something way more lucrative with my time. If I am in the air all day that means I can’t be on the phone. And who knows what deals I could have been negotiating. And when you look at it that way, it is much more beneficial for me to take non-stop flights wherever I go.

My husband discovered the same thing, she booked flights for him and my son. But he was smarter than me, he changed his flight last night to a non-stop, he would have NEVER just rode it out the way that I did! LOL. But my point is that you have got to value your time. And that goes with anything. You can never get time back, but money can be replaced. So if you are allowing other people or activities to suck up all you time that do not benefit you and are harming you, then it is time to revaluate and refocus. Time is precious and is ticking away! I have to go, time for some fun in the sun!

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