Do You Trust Yourself? Vicki Irvin

Extreme Women Entrepreneurs Event

Have you ever kicked yourself for not following your instincts? For not pursuing an opportunity in life you knew you were destined for? For not pulling back from something or someone you knew was not good for you?  Of course you have, we ALL have.

So what are your instincts like in business? Who are you giving into that is preventing you from pursuing your dreams and working full force to make them come to fruition? Forget about the outside negative forces, the unsupportive partner or all your friends telling you that you are being ridiculous. That negativity will always exist.

I want to focus on the “number” you are doing on yourself, that negative person within your own head that is preventing you from giving 100% to your true purpose and passions.

Here is the truth…If you are NOT uncomfortable, then you are not working hard enough in your business. If you don’t wake up with butterflies in your stomach with apprehension and fear about some aspect of your business, you are not working hard enough.  And If you are feeling totally comfortable, then you are not working hard enough.  Instead you are playing it safe.  And when you play it safe as an entrepreneur, it means you are not growing.

Entrepreneurs are risk takers, we do things the average person wouldn’t. We put ourselves out there for the world to criticize, but we keep on moving because we have a bigger mission. We have gifts and talents and we can affect change and make someone’s life richer.

But none of that can be done if you are not pushing yourself everyday beyond your comfort zone.

Look at it this way….if you have amazing talents, products and services that you believe can help enrich someone’s life, then why are you holding back from them?

Don’t you think it is your time to shine and shine in a BIG way? I do!

I hope to see you at the Extreme Women Entrepreneurs Event this year, your life and business will be forever changed.  Save the date!

Extreme Women Entrepreneurs Event, July 15-17th

“Brand, Implement and Market Yourself to Wealth”

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Vicki Irvin

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