Do You Take Opportunities Or Run? Vicki Irvin

Happy Friday!

Just some quick food for thought as you go through your weekend! When opportunities come your way, do you jump on them, or do you run for the hills?

I’m going to tell you what prompted me to ask you this question. Earlier this week, I offered people the chance to join a real estate investing networking group I have formed. This will be a monthly networking group that is open to both novice and experienced investors and those who have never invested and want to learn all about it. There are no requirements to join, only that you come ready to learn and participate and with a positive attitude. I have students from my investing program who have made BIG money in real estate coming to offer their help and guidance and experiences as well.

A group of this caliber is an opportunity of a lifetime for people who may not have had the means to pay for investing classes. I have NEVER offered anything like this before. MANY, many people jumped on this chance and registered to become a member of this monthly group.

But I know for a fact there are so many more people who have expressed a desire to learn about investing from me over the years who did NOT join this group. That makes me sit back and wonder why. Here the door of opportunity has opened, but some people are running the other way. Don’t stand in your own way and always act with speed and fast action. If not, life will pass you by and you will not have put your best foot forward and given yourself the chance to be all that you can be.

This does not just pertain to real estate investing, this goes for ALL opportunities in life that come your way! Remember….NO REGRETS!

Vicki Irvin

If you were one of those people and I have struck a chord with you, here ya go. JOIN NOW!

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