Do You Know What Your Clients Are Saying About You?

Talk about one whipped Superwoman! I am exhausted, things have been hectic lately, as I have been burning the midnight oil working on several projects hopping on planes back and forth to the west coast. I am so elated about everyone who wrote me to let me know how much they enjoyed my coaching call, the value they received and how they have already implemented some of my strategies for profit! In case anyone missed it here is the reply for you to enjoy:

Coaching Call Replay:

Fast action and fast implementation! What are you waiting for? People have a tendency to wait for things to be perfect before they start a new program or introduce a new product or service. Perfection ain’t gonna happen! Get out of your own way and get going. Who cares if it’s not perfect, the only who knows that is YOU! And always remember you can tweak and edit things along the way, but if you don’t anything…well, you don’t have a business now do you?

And what about your testimonials? Do you have video or written testimonials from people you have helped? Anyone who has received value from your products or service should be promptly asked for a testimonial so others can see real proof of just how good you are! Don’t get stuck thinking the person has to have paid you for it to qualify as a testimonial either. If you helped someone who benefited and they didn’t pay, that is still a legitimate testament to how good you are at what you do. Video testimonials are way more powerful than written one, but written ones are great too, be sure to always include a picture of the person as well. Make it your job as a marketer to pounce on any opportunity to get a good testimonial, I do it all the time! If someone has a success story they share with me about how they benefited from what they learned from me, I am whipping out a camera faster than they can blink! And so should you! Remember that what other people have to say about you is FAR more powerful than what you can say about yourself. People want to see real live folks you have helped that they can relate to in order to help push them over the fence to buy. So it’s your job to make that happen!

Remember that what other people have to say about you is FAR more powerful than what you can ever say about yourself. So call or send an email to your clients and ask for a testimonial today!

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