Do You Have Holes? Vicki Irvin


Okay now, we have covered your target market and using the correct media. This week I want to talk about allocation of time in your business. Are you making the most of your time or are there areas that need patching up? As entrepreneurs or small business owners we tend to think that we must do everything ourselves when operating our business. The main reason is usually financial. The other reason is falsely believing that nobody can run our business better than us. Does that sound familiar? I quickly learned early on that I would run myself into the ground if I tried to do every single little thing myself. Not only did I believe nobody could do it better than me, but I thought I could handle the accounting and legal aspects as well. Well needless to say, I woke up quickly! The first step is determining what your time is even worth. If you are worth $150 an hour and you are spending time doing data entry into quick books, then you are losing money in your business. That time could be better spent taking on another client while outsourcing that task to a virtual assistant who charges $15.00 per hour! It’s all about shifting your mindset and leveraging yourself to maximize productivity that turns into revenue. You should also be looking at the services you use to ensure you are getting value from them. Sometimes we have so many things that are automatically debited from our accounts that we forget to take inventory and be sure it’s a service or product we still need and use. If it is not, then cancel it. This is basically called plugging up the holes in your business so that you continue to increase your flow of money. So this week, I urge you to look at the way you are running your business. Are you trying to do too much that can be outsourced that will in turn increase your income? And do you have holes in your business that need patching up so that you don’t lose money? Take inventory and let me know what you come up with.


I have been on the go more than usual lately so I have had to adjust my work outs. Sometimes you have days so full that you have to get a work out in any time that you can. Remember, working out is a normal part of your routine, not something extra you can choose not to do (that’s how I want you to look at it). Now the summer is quickly approaching and I know you have goals. It doesn’t matter what weight you are starting from, all that matters is that you start. Go walking each day if you are just starting out. And if you are a pro at working out, be sure you are always challenging yourself. Next time you go grocery shopping, take note of what you are putting in your basket. Make healthy choices so that you don’t even bring junk into the house. My cousin told me the other day that if she shops on a full stomach she makes good choices at the store, but if she goes shopping while she is hungry she tends to grab junk food! Try that little trick and let me know how it works out!


When I was young growing up in Massachusetts we had a dinner time. Let me tell you, I hated dinner time! My brother and I were the only kids on the block who had to stop playing and be home at 5pm for dinner. And if we were late, we were in big trouble. I couldn’t understand then why my father was so adamant that we all sit down and eat together, but of course as an adult with my own family I totally get it now. Reserved family time is a rarity these days. The workforce has changed so much and so has the traditional family unit. But regardless, designated time with family is priceless and is so beneficial. It’s a time to communicate and share your day. It’s a time to bond with your family that nobody else can intrude on, and it’s a great time to instill values into your children. Now I must admit that my own family unit looks nothing like when I was a kid growing up. My husband’s schedule is one that does not usually bring him home until late evening. That leaves just my son and I to eat together, but I make sure I use that time to talk about his day at school and to teach him life lessons. But if you are fortunate enough to have your entire family unit home at the same time, try designating a time that you all sit down and eat together without the TV or any other distractions. I can honestly say those dinner times helped to shape who I am today and I don’t think I turned out so bad!

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