Do You Have a Maryland Real Estate Investing Coach or Mentor? Vicki Irvin

Happy Friday! I had my wisdom teeth pulled yesterday and surprisingly it was a piece of cake! I have had ZERO pain and ZERO swelling, I don’t think that is the norm, BUT I’LL TAKE IT! LOL. Thanks to all of you who sent me well wishes and advice, I was even told to “man up� by one of the ladies, she said if I made it through childbirth I would make it through this and she was soooo right!

Do you have plans for the superbowl this weekend? Although I am not a huge football fan, I always marvel at the coaches of all sports teams. No matter what level we are at or how good we are at what we do, we always need a good coach or mentor. Someone who can guide us in the right direction and someone who can get us back on track when we veer off course.

What I am finding is that many people do not have a positive role model, coach or mentor in their life! And having a mentor is crucial to your success. What happens when you lack a qualified mentor is you end up getting advice from someone who is not doing too well themselves. And what does that mean? Nothing, its just rhetoric. We all have know it all friends and family who have an answer for all our problems and situations, but can’t help themselves one bit. And if you are not careful you will find yourself listening to those people! Ladies how about the relationship advice we take from friends who haven’t had one successful relationship? How about the career advice from the friends who can’t hold a job? How about the health and fitness advice we take from people who don’t even work out? I could go on and on, but I think you get my point.

I have people ask me all the time how we are making money in this real estate market because their spouse told them it wasn’t a good time to be an investor. And I always ask what does your spouse do? And it is NEVER anything related to being an investor. Unqualified people giving out unqualified advice. Investors all over the country are making huge profits in this market. So if you want to know about investing, ask someone in the investing field making money right now. They are laughing all the way to the bank!

So do yourself a favor and find a qualified coach or mentor who is prospering from their own advice! It’s one of the biggest gifts you can give yourself! Have a GREAT weekend!

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