Vicki Irvin-Do Everything In Your Power To Stay Away From These Types Of People And Let’s Make Some Money In 2007’

By Lloyd Irvin Jr

You know who you are!!! I see you watching!!! You make me laugh!!!

Everyone has them.

The type of people that smile in your face but talk behind your back!

They are Negative people. These people always have something to say even if they don’t know what they are talking about.

Want to know what I do when these type of people are around me?

Follow my lead………………… I cut them off like a turkey’s head for Thanksgiving. No Words, No Nothing, “They Are Dead To Me�. But I do allow a few to hang around at a broomsticks reach, just for extra laughs at times. Just so I can look into their eyes from time to time and watch them be phony. I mean do they really think I care what they think? I could care less. And if you have these people surrounding you, you should care less also.

So many people are concerned with the words of others, what others think, what others will say about them and how others view them it’s sickening. If you worry about this, I can assure you that you’re wasting your time.

I can promise you this.

People are going to talk NO MATTER WHAT! So let them talk, I do!

So here’s what I want you to do in 2007.

Everyone on our email list and everyone who is reading our blogs, I’m going to say wants to make money. And I understand that there are some people that are here just to be nosey or to find something new to talk about. But I want to talk to the people that want to make some money in 07.

In Napoleon Hills “Think And Grow Rich� it states that one of the common traits amongst the richest and most successful people in the world is “SPECIALIZED KNOWLEDGE.�

What “SPECIALIZED KNOWLEDGE� do you have that can make you money?

If you don’t have any, then your solution is simple, go out and gain “Specialized Knowledge� in something that can make you money.

I’ve become a self made multi millionaire through my “Specialized Knowledge� in Direct Response Marketing and Internet Marketing. It’s something that I learned just in the last five years. Before that, for all intensive purposes, I was broke, no assets, no money, no true freedom and no lifestyle. Nope, it was just me, my Jiu-Jitsu, and my college degree. ANYONE can do it. But they don’t teach it in colleges, in schools or where we are forced to get our education in America. You basically have to know someone that will walk you by the hand and teach you.

The funny thing is that I did exactly what my parents wanted me to do. I went to college, got my degree and found out like most people do that you’ve just spent your entire beginning life being prepared to work for someone, which SUCKS, being an “Employee.� We’ll call being an “Employee� an “E.� In Robert Kyosaki’s book, “Rich Dad, Poor Dad,� being an “E� is the absolute worse position to be in. And if you’re in this position, your entire job is to move from being an “Employee,� to the “Self Employed,� to the “Business Owner,� or to the “Accredited Investor� quadrant.

Then you have the people that will tell you that they have their own business, when in fact they are in the “Self Employed� quadrant. This means that they’ve done nothing more than create a job for themselves. Sometimes this is even worse than being an “E�, but it does give you the misperception that you have freedom.

A true business owner can disappear and have no communication with their business for 13 months, and when they return the business is still rolling.

It wasn’t my parents fault, it’s not your parents fault and if you’re a parent it’s not your fault either. You just don’t know any better. As a parent you just do the best that you can with what you know. There’s no fault in that. Heck, most of the parents I know including mine are/we’re “Employees�, either waiting for their retirement to come or trying to find a way out of the current job situation. Dreaming of the day they can stop going to work!

I retired my mom from working as soon as I could and brought her to run my martial arts school.

Isn’t it funny that you spend all of your energies and efforts trying to get a job, then you turn around and spend all of your energies and efforts trying to find a way not to have to work anymore.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not against college. I am against what college is setting you up for, but understand that college is VERY necessary. And ANYONE around me that asks me if they should attend college I tell them “YES.� I have hundreds of kids at my martial arts school that look at me as a college graduate as an example to make it to college.

You see, only about 3% of the entire population will ever gain the type of “Specialized Knowledge� that I’m talking about. It’s not because that it’s hard to learn, but it’s like a cosmic universal law or something that only 3% of the people in the population are serious enough to actually follow through with their desire to not be in the other 97% of the population that WILL RETIRE UNHAPPY AND BROKE!!!

Having “Specialized Knowledge� kind of makes you “Cocky.� Don’t get me wrong. I’m not talking about being “Arrogant,� but still “Cocky.�

Like knowing that with my “Specialized Knowledge� if I were to lose all of my assets that I owned today. In 12 to 18 months I would make it all back. And although I would never want that to happen I have “NO� doubt that I would quickly make it “ALL� back. That’s a great feeling.

If you lost everything you owned, are you confident that you could make it all back without a doubt?

Most people would crumble! Go into a depression! Some would even commit suicide!

You see, someone could take away all of my assets, but they can never take away my knowledge. And the Knowledge is PRICELESS where as MONEY is well…… JUST MONEY, It comes and goes.

How would you like to gain “Specialized Knowledge� in something that can help you make money? Something that NO ONE can take away from you. Something that you can predictably do day in and day out to generate cash.

One of our students made $48,000 in the month of December alone. This was from 5 deals. Here’s what he made on each deal. Deal-1: $7500, Deal-2: $7500, Deal-3: $18,000, Deal-4: $12,500, Deal-5: $3500. For some, this would be what we call “Life Changing Money.�

What would you have done if you made an extra $48,000 this past December?

Well in our Real Estate Investing Boot Camps we are teaching “Specialized Knowledge�.

Knowledge that is allowing average people just like you make money as Real Estate Investors.

One of our single mothers, who has 2 precious sons, made over $50,000 this December. She’ll tell you the story of her divorce, going from a 5000 sq ft home to a 2 bedroom apartment with her sons, and now how she’s ordered a custom made Porsche that should be arriving any day now. I recently did an interview with her that I’ll be sending out very soon.

She’ll tell you that the money she’s been making since becoming our student has been “LIFE CHANGING� for her and her sons. Both of these students will be at our upcoming FREE Real Estate Investing Seminar on January 4, 2007. You can hear it for yourself.

People are always trying to figure out what we are doing and how we are doing it.

No one in the area can produce the results that we have because they are lacking in one of the key areas of “Specialized Knowledge� that we have access to.

It’s not in our books, our training manual or in our power point presentation. It’s not something that you can get your hands on and read and learn it.

It’s something that has to be passed on to you. Like life lessons, like the way I pass on the gift of Jiu-Jitsu to my students that deserve it.

You can read all the books and read all of the courses in the World and you will NEVER get what I’m talking about without a mentor to take you through the process of learning it.

And it doesn’t happen overnight.

In a nutshell here’s the answer.

We have several “Specialized Knowledge� factors happening at the same time.

“Specialized Knowledge� in Real Estate Investing, Wholesaling (Very few understand), Short Sales (Almost No one Understands, and those that do, don’t have the resources to make it happen), Lease Options (No Secret Here), Foreclosures (Almost every small investor is doing this wrong, we go through the back door, a back door that only “we� have the key to in this area) etc. (There are a few people that know how to do some aspects of these in our area, but it’s basically book knowledge)

“Specialized Knowledge� In Direct Response Marketing and Internet Marketing for Real Estate Investing. (This is one of the hidden secrets that NO ONE can copy or imitate) I personally know the top 10% of Direct Response and Internet Marketers in the World. This can’t be replaced and most people don’t even know it exist. The information and “Specialized Knowledge� that I have in this one area alone is the reason why we have investors making “Life Changing Money� day in and day out.

It’s the reason why we just made $180,000 this week on a property that we never even saw, never had any direct communication with the person we purchased the house from and never plan on seeing that house.

How is that you may ask? We’ll we teach you how to put this business on auto pilot.

Now don’t get me wrong. If you find personal enjoyment getting dirty, being on your knees fixing houses, painting, wearing dust mask, traveling to and from your investment property slaving to get it ready for sale, then by all means do that.

I find absolutely NO FUN IN THAT, I much rather be in Brazil, receive an email on my “Treo� like I did recently while at some fights with my student Mike Easton and Dave Kaplan that says “A property just came through that you guys can make about $80,000, do you want it?� And then we have the ability to say YES or NO. After we say YES, our “Power Team� goes to work and we basically don’t do anything else with the property personally until we cash our check.

Sounds impossible? Well it’s not.

Another one of the common traits amongst the richest and most successful people in the World as listed in “Think And Grow Rich� is The Power Of The Mastermind.

In one of my Mastermind Groups that I pay $25,000 a year to belong to has 6 of the most successful Real Estate Investors/ Marketers in the Country. 4-5 times a year I’m in a room networking with people that are making obscene amounts of money in Real Estate Investing.

This is PRICELESS. You won’t get access to this information in any books, manuals or in these so called real estate investing meetings popping up all over the place, where a bunch of people that aren’t rich from Real Estate Investing are running meetings about becoming Rich in Real Estate Investing. Seems backwards to me, doesn’t it?

I know of a sure fire way to get the type of Specialized Knowledge that I’m talking about and that’s getting plugged into our program. Our next FREE Real Estate Investing seminar is January 4, 2007. You can register at

Also if you’re a business owner/self employed or sales professional I want to help you learn “Specialized Knowledge� that can help you also. I would highly recommend that you visit my site at

Lastly, lets make 2007 our best year yet. Let’s reach all of our GOALS!

If you’re overweight, get your butt in the gym and workout. Stop talking about it. Stop eating so much, eat healthier and make it happen this time.

If you’re tired of your job, go out and get some “Specialized Knowledge� in something that can make you money.

No matter what you want to do, I believe that you can do it; you just have to have a “Burning Desire� to accomplish it.

Let’s Make 2007 Our Best Year Yet!

Lloyd Irvin

PS. And the next time you’re around someone talking crap about ANYONE, your “Get Away From This Person Radar� should come up. No matter what they say, how they try to justify it, just get away from them, as fast as possible. ALWAYS keep an eye on these types of people because “there is a GREAT chance that when you’re not around they are doing the same thing to YOU� BELIEVE THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PPS. And NEVER forget, “I Don’t Care What They Think� and neither should “You.�

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