DECEPTION at it’s finest! Vicki Irvin

One major theme at my event this year is showing you how profitable the RIGHT branding and positioning efforts can be!  Every person you will see speak has expanded their brand and reinvented themselves for longevity! THAT is a formula for profit.

Although my 4 pay plan has expired, you still have a chance to lock in your seat by using my 3 Pay Plan! However this too will be expiring, so jump on it now so you have no regrets later! I am making it EZ for anyone who is serious about their business to join us this year!


It’s one thing for others to deceive you, but the worst deception ever is the ones we do to OURSELF! Comfort zones and what is familiar is crippling so many women in business.  On one hand you have this burning passion to be an entrepreneur because you are good at what you do.  But on the other hand, you won’t do the things to make the business REALLY work.

Successful entrepreneurs invest in themselves and their education. They attend events, they work with coaches and mentors and they stay plugged into what is working and what is not.

Where the deception comes into play is the “hope” that somehow you can figure it all out on your own. The thought that you don’t have to do the things that other successful and profitable business owners are doing.  The notion that it will just “happen” for you and turn out well. Good luck with that!

Many women in business start off this way. And unfortunately they look up and realize that they are not prospering.  They are starving for clients and customers and the business they were once passionate and excited about is turning into more of a pain in the butt than anything else.  It’s frustrating and it’s disappointing.

Having worked with so many people for several years now, I know this story all too well.

Here is the best advice I can give….

  • Don’t waste another minute working on things that aren’t yielding results.
  • Instead invest in learning how to market yourself and your biz.
  • Build a following of people interested in YOU and your brand.
  • Create products and services your market is craving.
  • Become a MASTER implementer, meaning you actually put into action what you have learned!

If you are NOT doing these things, then today is the day to STOP! Don’t let things get to the point you want to give up, simply because you need to redirect your efforts and invest in your most important asset which is YOU!

Cheers to Business, Beauty & Balance,




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