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Happy Friday! You guys know I was on track to leave town this week and go with my mastermind group for some major networking. Well I had some unexpected stuff come up, so I had to stay here and crank some work out. Lloyd, my husband went along with a few of the Maryland Real Estate Mentors and Platinum members of our investment group. I wish I was there! But I did hear I got a MAJOR shout from the big dog millionaire makers down there in front of an audience of 1,000 people. They opened up the conference talking about the success of our real estate investing program and how it all evolved. That was unexpected, but awesome! I can’t believe the great things that just keep on happening.

Do you have an A-Team? Have you built supportive relationships you need in order to achieve your goals, both personal and professional? Well having the right team by your side helps make it easier to turn your attitude into action. As humans when we do something that we consider great, we want to hear other people agree with us and tell us what a great job we did as well. And that is fine as long as that is the truth. But if you have someone telling you how great you are all the time and never offering constructive criticism when it is needed, then that is not helping you to grow.

Taking criticism of any kind is naturally difficult for most people. But constructive criticism is designed to help you grow and should be sought after. Every single person on earth has room to grow and improve in some area of their life. No matter how much money you have and what level of success you have attained, there is ALWAYS room to grow as a person. I receive constructive criticism all the time and while it does sometimes get on my nerves, I do listen. And more importantly I take action to make improvements. That is what keeps me growing. So do yourself a BIG favor. Stop listening to all your “yes men�, the people who agree with whatever you do or say. Instead, find a friend, coach or mentor who will be honest with you and tell you the truth. They will end up being the catalyst to help you succeed and blossom by leaps and bounds.

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