Change Is Key-Vicki Irvin

Hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend! I had a GREAT time! I had a real estate investing retreat all weekend with about 80 people who just became real estate investors. This was a GREAT group of people and I look forward to working with them over the next 12 months!

I have been trying to shake a cough I have had for over a week now, I can’t get better because I keep on moving! I had a birthday bash in DC on Sunday night and was joined by close family and friends for a wonderful time. Special thank you to my husband Lloyd for always having some kind of great surprise in store for me! He is the best!

I have to run to a meeting with my accountant in a few minutes, but I wanted to talk about change today. At my party over the weekend I got a chance to see some close friends who have made some major changes in their lives recently. And changes for the better. Nothing in life is guaranteed and when things don’t always work out that we planned, we tend to stay stuck just because we can’t deal with the fact something went wrong. Let’s face it, nothing in life is guaranteed. People get married to stay together forever, but that doesn’t always work out. It’s hard to let go and move on, the thought of failure keeps so many people together when they are living in misery. But you can’t live in misery based on how things were supposed to be. Everyone deserves to be happy.

Same thing goes for a job you are working at that isn’t what you thought it would be. If you wake up everyday with knots in your stomach because you dread going to work, then you should be doing everything in your power to change that circumstance. It’s not healthy to have to endure that torture and I know people who have made themselves physically sick by going to a job they despised. People who have ended up with ulcers over the stress. Is this you? Is it someone you know? I personally felt that way before too, and I decided life had to have something else in store for me.

Always remember that without change, EVERYTHING will remain the same. It’s one thing to talk about what we want to do, but just talking about it doesn’t work until we take some real action.

If you haven’t been to our free seminar yet, I hope you come out on January 29th at 7pm and see some other people who took action and changed their lives for the better!
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