Can We Endure? I Think So! Vicki Irvin

Today is a rough day for me. I feel so bogged down and I have that nagging feeling in my stomach. You know that feeling…one of anxiety when you are dealing with something. Doesn’t it feel as if things cannot get any worse?

Then comes the time you need to put things in perspective. Things could definitely be worse. there are people dealing with issues way worse than mine so I can only imagine how they feel. What if I had the burden of the world on my shoulders like President Obama? What if I was terminally sick? What if one of my parents was ailing? What if my son was not healthy? What if I was about to lose my home?

When dealing with the challenges of every day life, it is easy to think we have it so horrible. But as with anything, we will get through it. Quite frankly we have no choice. Life goes on with or without us. We cannot stop living. And as with everything in life….This too shall pass.

So if this is one of those days for you, like it is for me, I feel your pain. But I also know you too will come out okay. Ask a good friend for words of encouragment like I did. Sometimes when you least expect it, someone says just the right thing to make you feel better!

Enjoy your day and keep climbing!

Vicki Irvin
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