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Happy Monday! I have been out of town in Atlanta most of last week so it has been hectic as usual!

I am on a MAJOR mission today, to create some additional productive time for myself. I have so many goals I want to achieve and so little time. I run two businesses and I can’t even count how many my husband runs. I have my own personal investing business and then I run the business that teaches other investors how to do what I do. Together, that makes for a demanding schedule, we have a network of over 500 investors in our program. Oh, did I mention I have a son about to turn three this weekend??? LOL

If you are in a constant struggle like me to find the time to make sure you achieve your goals and dreams while balancing family life, then join me in this exercise I am about to do. Every single day, Monday-Friday I am going to block at least two hours of my time to get done the imperative things I need to do. That means no phone calls, no emails, no conversations with anyone. That is time that I can ensure I tend to critical things in my businesses that will generate more income and prove to be more beneficial than anything else I do that day. Because when you look at how you spend your time, a large chunk of it is wasted on frivolous things that we allow to consume us. I have my entire staff on the same program starting today, they too will be blocking their time and knocking out what is critical. It is all about having processes in place and not allowing distractions to take us off of our path. I am closely going to track how this works and I am going to let you know what kind of results I am getting. I am going to encourage all of my investors to do the same thing and have them report their results as well. It takes a lot to get ahead when you are tired from a long day at work and have to tend to your family needs, but reaching higher heights is not easy to do and only a few people will be able to do so. Will you be able to push yourself to do it? I KNOW that you can, so get started today!

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