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My power went out the other night due to the winds, so I had to go and hang out at my father in laws house! Now I am back home, but my laptop which is my lifeline, has died on me! I am waiting on my computer guy now to see if it can be revived, if not, I guess I need to buy a new one! I am borrowing the laptop of my assistant right now.

The news has been bombarded with the Virginia Tech killings. Such a tragedy, but also a reminder of the world we live in today. Everyone has an opinion on what went wrong, and all I know is that anybody at anytime can just lose it. All of those innocent people and their families. Its one thing after another these days. One more thing to make me realize that life has so many twists and turns and it is best to focus on remaining positive and living life to the fullest. For instance, it is easy for us to get worked up about the small things in life. I literally work from my computer and when it shuts down, I do have a tendency to go into a panic and get upset. But why get upset about something I can’t control? And in the grand scheme of things, me being off my computer isn’t that big of a deal.

I have to give the computer back to my assistant, so I have to run. But I did want to take a moment to tell you to live your life to the fullest, have fun, enjoy your friends and family, and be the best person you can be. That is all we can ask for in life.

If you haven’t made it to one of my seminars yet, I urge you to come out April 24th and see what we are doing in the community.  or call 202-595-1992.

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