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What a week, what a week. As many of you already know, my life is super hectic. Right now I am trying to get a trip to the Dominican in before the year is up. I have a trip I had to miss out on last year that expires this year. If I don’t use it, I will lose it. So right now I am searching my calendar for a few days I can fly away. I need some much needed down time to complete my portion of a book that will be published in 2008.

We have been so busy lately, so many people are coming out to our seminars to hear the lasted strategies on how to make money as a Maryland Real Estate Investor in today’s market. And they are all amazed at what we are doing all day every day to do just that! So because of that, myself and my staff are busy getting everyone situated to become successful real estate investors! It’s looking like we may need to hire even more people, I am so happy and thankful for all of the people who continue to trust in Maryland Real Estate Secrets. It seems everyone knows somebody who has been through our real estate investing program and has attained success and that kind of feedback continues to motivate me every day!! It’s a lot of work, but well worth it to change lives.

My message today is for everyone to be safe. In light of the recent death of Redskins Player Sean Taylor, it’s a shocking reminder that we are all vulnerable to crime. It’s sad that we are no longer safe with our family and children in our own home. We hear stories all the time about home invasions but sometimes we take it more seriously when it hits closer to home. The world has changed. And none of us are completely safe. For my ladies, please do not stop to get gas at night. Please be careful shopping at the malls, and truth be told, night time has nothing to do with it, people are robbing people in pure daylight. So I am just asking that we all raise our awareness and take extra precautions. With my husband Lloyd being a world known martial artists, he has trained police acadeeys and all types of law enforcement agencies, so I am constantly being lectured on ways to be safe. Some times I think he is over-reacting, but now I see that he is so right.

On a lighter note, I am wishing you a wonderful day! If you are looking to get in on the BEST time to be a Maryland Real Estate Investor and want to learn how myself along with my students are continuing to make a killing in our current real estate market, you MUST come out to our next FREE seminar on December 12th and learn the secret strategy we have mastered! Let us show you all the hype about this being a “Bad� market for real estate is all a BIG lie. You don’t know what you don’t know, so let people making big checks show you how to do it so you too can laugh all the way to the bank! Or even BECOME the bank! You can register here:

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