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Hi Guys,

I have to run quickly today. I am involved in a project that is going to be major and I am being interviewed by Baseball Hall Of Famer Jim Palmer tomorrow. About a month ago I was interviewed by the Trump Apprentice star Kristi Frank. So when I say I am moving I am MOVING!!! LOL

Just a few quick words of encouragement. Seems like so many people are down lately. So many people are being hit with unforeseen circumstances or experiencing set-backs. Although easier said than done, you have to push through it!

Every morning I wake up with knots in my stomach at the same time like clock work. For the life I cannot figure out what the knots in my stomach are for. I try to close my eyes and make them go away, but I can’t. I know that I am always thinking about my schedule and what I have to do next. I do live a demanding life, but it is one that I always longed for. I am realizing that I am not happy unless I am doing SOMETHING. But because I do so much, there is a lot of responsibility with that. And my schedule is NOTHING compared to my husbands! And in between all of that we are raising a three year old. Am I bonkers? I sure am!!! Crazy as I want to be!

Have I faced horrible situations? Of course I have and still do. Devastating ones in fact! But what keeps me motivated is the fact that so many prosperous people had to rise from the trenches. Poverty, sexual abuse, domestic violence, drug abuse, foreclosure, bankruptcy, you name it, some successful person dealt with it. But it didn’t stop their RISE to success. In fact I firmly believe the reason so many successful people have made it so far is because of the struggles they had to endure to get there. It gave them motivation to make things better and it made them strong. Some times the hungrier you are the more powerful your drive it!

So I say this to say….If you are facing bad times right now, turn the situation in your favor. You CAN handle it and you WILL overcome it. These people who have overcome the same or worse than you didn’t have anything special that you do not. So if you have knots in your stomach, so do I, but I am going to keep pressing!

Be encouraged!!! Come out to my next free seminar and see me live and in person and hear my story.

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