Be a Warrior, Don’t Count Yourself Out! Vicki Irvin

Man oh man! Are there enough natural disasters going on in the world at one time right now? Tornadoes, earthquakes, floods, fires…wow!

I am sitting here watching news coverage of the West Virginia primaries where Clinton is supposed to slam Obama pretty bad in the polls. Not that is seems to matter at all, I think he has the nomination sewn up. If you are like me, this may be one of the most exciting campaigns ever, two minorities fighting for the democratic nomination. Another one for the history books.

But regardless of your political preferences, there are definitely lessons to be drawn from the entire campaign. Lesson number one…. ANYTHING is possible if you believe in yourself and your convictions strong enough. Nobody thought a virtual unknown like Obama would ever have a real shot at presidency, especially going up against the Clinton machine! Whether you like them or not, the fact remains the Clintons have a whole lot of power in this country. The fact that an African American has taken them on and is winning is something that caught everyone by surprise including the Clintons.

But if we could get a chance to talk to Obama privately, I bet he would confess he knew he had a real shot and this was his destiny. He believed in himself and moved forward full speed ahead. Against all odds, that is what winners do. That is a trait of a successful person, they take action and they go against the odds.

On the flip side, regardless of what you think, because trust me, I have my own opinions too…..Hillary Clinton is a fighter as well. She doesn’t give up when anybody else in her position would have. Another trait of a successful person. Once again, fighting against all odds.

What are you currently facing that you need to beat the odds on? What feat are you dealing with that seems impossible for you to overcome? Because whatever it is, I need you to know that you DO indeed have the strength and fortitude to prevail. It all boils down to will and determination. But if you sit back and do nothing, I can assure you that you will stay stuck where you are.

So you have a choice in life…You can stay content or unhappy with where you are, or you can be a warrior each and every day. A warrior fighting for something better for yourself and your family. I personally choose to be a warrior and be in the driver’s seat of my destiny.

What about you? Let me know what you are going to do, enter your comments below

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