Baby Steps, Any Steps, Just Step-Vicki Irvin

Being in LA where I was spending time with my mentors and coaches and other women business owners was sooooo refreshing! While the entire session was awesome, one of the most valauble things for me was walking away with an action list of things I have to get done within a specific time frame. I have been working away to make sure they happen because when we meet back up again in LA in September, I have some people holding me accountable that I have to answer to. So the pressure is on for me to perform!

Do you have anyone in your life holding you accountable? Is there anyone that you share your goals with who pushes you along? If not, FIND SOMEONE! Someone who won’t let you off the hook, like you let yourself off!

For the folks coming out to our new real estate investing networking meeting on Saturday, April 11th, rest assured they will be walking away with some action steps they must take and yours truly will be holding everyone accountable for them, so be prepared!

Now if you DO NOT have any action steps for the goals and dreams that you have, then take a moment and identify three things you can do to move towards achieving those goals right away. I’m curious to know what they are! Leave a comment below and let’s seee what you have going on!

If you are attending the meeting, I will see you on Saturday. We are filled to capacity. If you did NOT RSVP we won’t be able to let you in, so make sure you are on the list!

Vicki Irvin
The Real Estate Investment Queen

P.S. For all you eager beavers coming to the meeting on Saturday, I have received your questions about investing, but I can’t answer them all via email, so please hold off until Saturday! LOL

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