Vicki Irvin-Attitude-Part II-Maryland Real Estate Investing

Happy Friday! What a week! Hope you plan on doing something fun and prosperous this weekend!

I spoke about building your A-Team a while ago and now I want to expand upon that. You have to be sure to remove toxic negativity from your team. When you have the right attitude you attract the type of people who are supportive and reliable. You need people are caring, trustworthy, honest, positive and goal oriented. These types of people will motivate and inspire you. Their optimism will be contagious.

On the flip side of that pessimism promotes depression, discourages action, causes anxiety and fear, is bad for your health, turns minor mistakes into setbacks, setbacks into disasters, and disasters into catastrophes. But YOU have the ultimate control over how you choose to respond to negative influence, but why put yourself in a situation where you always have to be on the defensive? Negative people simply create an environment that makes it harder to stay positive. Their attitudes can corrupt yours and throw you off track.

You have no idea how many students we get in the program who say they had to fight through negative people to even make it! When they spoke of their dream of becoming a real estate investor, others told them they were crazy or that it was a dumb idea. I can imagine lots of people get those same negative comments, but what REALLY counts is that you continue on and fulfill the burning desire inside of you. I wonder what those same people say once your success is realized?? Hhmmmm?

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