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I spent a lot of time talking with a friend about her job and her attitude overall. We were talking about how having a good or bad attitude is a choice that we all make. Do you know people who always seem to have a bad attitude or are in a bad mood? Isn’t it depressing?

Think about the things that annoy us that are really so trivial in nature. I remember reading a story about a gentleman who after a long hard day at work, always had to come home to his driveway being cluttered with his children’s bikes. Every day he would let his children know that he didn’t want to have to clear a pathway to drive into his garage and that they had to keep their toys out of the way. However, kids being kids, every day the driveway was still cluttered. This ongoing event led the father to always have a bad attitude and was a huge point of frustration. One day as the father was grudgingly removing the bikes from the driveway so that he could pull into the garage, he didn’t notice that an elderly neighbor was helping him clean up. The father as usual was in a bad mood over having to do this. The elderly neighbor looked at him and said that she missed having her own kids around to pick up after and how fast they grow up and leave. She encouraged the man to cherish the days her kids were even kids because one day they would be gone on with their own lives.

I guess my point is that the little things in life that annoy us are probably going to be the same things that we will one day miss. Kind of like how the things that make you fall in love with someone end up being the same things that annoy us. I guess everything comes full circle and remembering to focus on being positive rather than having a bad attitude is what makes a champion.

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» Deane Lanier said: { Mar 30, 2007 - 11:03:55 }

Hey Ms. Queen that is so true, I was one of those people that always seem to be down and out. As time pass and I started seeing that I needed to be patient and just let time take it’s course. I started realizing that time is going to be time no matter what I can’t speed it up and I can’t slow it down. My life is not a DVD it’s reality so the only way to handle the storm is to get the knowledge of the storm, you can’t prepare for a blizzard when they forecast for a tornado. So by me understanding my situation and regrouping really helped me a whole lot. Since I’ve been reading the book “THINK & GROW RICH”, and I just started your husband’s marketing class that’s on every last Wednesday of every month. I have been pulling the mess out of my brain and filling it with the my state of a champion THANKS!!!! because I’m glad I got it now rather then later, all I need to do now is keep on pushing.

P.S. THANKS again & tell your husband I said hello.