Attention All Unethical Maryland Real Estate Investors- Vicki Irvin


If you are an investor, my hope is that you have been operating ethically. In our investment group, Maryland Real Estate Secrets with Lloyd Irvin and Vicki Irvin, we pride ourselves on not associating with anyone who does bad or illegal business. Being established business people in the community, our names and reputations mean more to us than anything.

The independent investors in our group are a great bunch of people and we are proud of the businesses they have created for themselves. We love to get together and network and share ideas, so anyone who has ever operated in an unethical way, we have not allowed access to our networking group. But I am happy to say that out of hundreds of students, we have had to only kick a few bad apples out.

But what disturbs me the most are the people who go out and steal equity from innocent homeowners! Unfortunately, so many people are in foreclosure all across the country and slimy investors are there to take advantage of them. Here is how the scam works:
They get these homeowners to sign over the deed to their house with promises to allow them to stay in the home as a renter and the option to buy the home back once they get back on their feet. But guess what? They never plan to let them get the home back and all the time they are trying to sell the home to someone else at which point the homeowner gets kicked out and they have lost their equity and home. I don’t see how these shady investors even sleep at night. I am so happy the Foreclosure Rescue Law was enacted to protect people.

At Maryland Real Estate Secrets, we teach our students to stay away from people wanting to sell their home that are in foreclosure. While many investors have every intention on helping people who are losing their home, it is the best practice to not get involved. Our power team attorney tells investors the exact same thing.

As investors you have the opportunity to make money in real estate while helping out someone who wishes to sell their home without the use of a realtor. So we are always looking for win/win solutions! And that is a HUGE help to people who have been unable to sell their home with a realtor due to the market.

So always remember to operate your investment business ethically!

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