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Happy Valentine’s Day! Are you snowed in today? Be careful on the ice out there and take your time if you are driving. I have cabin fever so I have got to get out today and find something to do. My son is home because his school is closed, so I will probably take him out to the mall or something.

I am sitting hear listening to Bush on the TV talking about how he is “Satisfied With the Situation in Iraq.� I am not one to engage in political banter, but his position on the war is pathetic to me. It is a classic example of someone who made a wrong or bad decision, but does not have the heart to admit it. So instead, he pretends to fully believe in what he is doing to save face. Can you imagine the conversations that go on behind closed doors between Bush and his wife? He knows things have gotten out of control, but still he acts as if he is doing the right thing.

Speaking of being “Satisfied� with situations, are you satisfied with where you are in life? Have you realized your potential or dreams yet? No matter where you are in life, there is usually a higher level you can reach for. I consistently challenge myself to reach higher levels, without doing so I would not be content. Challenges keep me growing in all aspects.

What have you done so far this year to reach for higher levels? I know you started the new year off with a bang, have you kept that momentum going? Have you surrounded yourself with positive people who encourage you? Or you found yourself doing the same old things and falling back into the same pattern? Take this time to see if you are on track with your goals, and if not, start over, it is never too late!

If you are not completely satisfied with where you are right now and need a jolt to jump start you on the right path, register for my next seminar on February 21st. Come see real life people just like you who had their lives changed!

Get “Rich-N- Fit� with the Queen! Can you really afford not to?

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