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My sincere apologies, I have been SUPER busy the last few days, we just finished up another three day REAL ESTATE INVESTORS RENEGADE RETREAT and wow, what an awesome group of students! Our mastermind group of investors is growing by leaps and bounds and I am so happy the people in our community are learning real estate investing which enables them to obtain specialized knowledge and do things they may not have ordinarily been able to. That is powerful.

We have added some new members to our power team and an extra day to our investor’s retreat. The knowledge our team is able to give to our students is priceless. We had a very mixed and diverse crowd of people in this past weekend’s retreat and from talking to them, I realized that so many of us lack the knowledge that we need in order to maximize our assets and make the most of our financial situations. Many people go through life never knowing how to leverage what they have and I am personally on a mission to change that. We had some real eye openers and now we all see there is a whole new world of opportunity out there, as long as you associate yourself with people who really care about your well-being and who have a sincere desire to give back and pull as many people to the top with them as they can.

I honestly never knew that the program we created for the community would have such an impact so quickly. I knew the knowledge would be life-changing, but the speed in which it has all happened has been amazing. And for that I am grateful. All of us want to be able to affect change in a positive way somehow and I am so proud to be doing my part. My husband always quotes Zig Ziglar and says, “You can get anything that you want, as long as you help as many people as you can to get what they want.� And that is what it is all about.

I know there are so many people who are going through the routine of life, but have deeper aspirations inside. Life can be so overwhelming sometimes, but we still have burning desires to do more. It’s just hard to know when to go for it. First we have to overcome our fears and believe in ourselves and then we have to be sure we have strong and encouraging advocates in our corner. You have heard me say a million times that I wish I had learned what I know now when I was younger, but my ability to finally step out there and make a change for myself came when I was surrounded by other people like my husband and his associates who were real go-getters. That was the catalyst for me, being around like-minded people with similar goals. And THAT is what made all the difference in the world.

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