Are You Only Dreaming? I Hope Not-Vicki Irvin

Woooow! Life has been HECTIC and I am exhausted. I miss you! But you can rest assured I have been working my behind off! Besides the 7:00am daily gym workouts (that are yielding some nice progress lol) I have been busy with real estate investing and learning new models, strategies and adapting to new laws. As with any business, regulations and rules change all the time, and the smart people keep up with them!

At the same time, my house has been the home to famous UFC fighter Brandon Vera who is here from CA training with my husband Lloyd. They just left for the UK for the fight that will be on Saturday this weekend. Today the fed ex guy dropped off some packages and recognized Lloyd as Brandon’s trainer and wanted to chit chat for an hour trying to get a peek at Brandon who hid upstairs LOL. If you think I am busy, spend a day trailing Lloyd Irvin. He teaches martial arts, real estate investing, on-line marketing to prominent dentists and a host of other things, all the while being a father and husband. Rarely does he even get tired. I’m starting to think he is not human.

But what I glean from all of this are the traits of extraordinary people. People who stand out from others for their accomplishments. One of my favorite things to do is to watch the patterns of successful people. I remember some years back when Lloyd and Brandon got together and dreamed about getting to the UFC. I remember hearing them formulate a plan. Fast forward, here they are consistently fighting in the UFC and realizing their dreams. I remember when Lloyd first got into marketing and setting his goals. I watched him devour everything he could read and aligning himself with mentors. That has paid off in ways that I never thought possible.

When Brandon trains for his fights he trains like a madman doing things that I expect to land him in the hospital for pure exhaustion.

The traits of most successful people are evident. While there are several of them, I want for you to think about one in particular. And that is IMPLEMENTATION. You can have all the desire and passion in the world about something, but if you do no get off your butt and actually put those desires into action you have nothing but a dream. Nobody has anything over you except the fact that they have taken to initiative and put their dreams into motion. Nobody can do that for us but ourselves.

What is your passion or desire? What do you KNOW you want to do in life? And most importantly what have you done about it? I want to hear about it. I have some dreams I have been thinking about and I have not put them into action yet. But I am now ready to do just that! What about you?

Let me know what you are going to do because living our dreams is much better than just imagining them. Enter your comments below.

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