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Yesterday was a good day, we took our son to the beach and he had a blast. Today I plan on getting out earlier and doing some shopping. But honestly, the best part is being able to sleep!

As you know I have been traveling the last couple of weeks and while on the plane I got to do something that I rarely get a chance to do….and that is look at a magazine. I was looking through Essence Magazine and noticed an article on black women getting their finances in order. It talked about having life insurance and wills to protect our children and families. It also talked about retirement plans and preparing for the future. The famous Susz Orman was consulted on the article and she shared the concerns that other black women have told her they have. She says that back woman have expressed to her that they “desire to be more and have more� but that we don’t do it because we do not live in our own power. She gives out some great tips on credit scores and mortgage loans. One thing that rang very true with me was that just because someone says you can afford something on paper does not mean that you can. That is precisely the reason why so many people are facing foreclosure now. These mortgage companies pushed all those creative products that allowed any and everyone to get into pretty much any home they wanted. And now people everywhere are losing their homes.

Have you been to the model homes in expensive neighborhoods? Have you seen how they have their presentations laid out so that they show you that you can get into a million dollar home for only $3,000 per month using their creative lending strategies? It’s ridiculous. Those interest only loans were originally designed for the wealthy. And while they were paying interest only each month, they were taking the rest of the money and putting it into sound investments that were making them even more money. And guess what? When those interest only loans switched over, the wealthy didn’t blink an eye because they could REALLY afford it either way. Used correctly, those types of mortgage products are very beneficial but it takes discipline and that is something most people do not have. And that is why so many people are now in trouble. This is the type of education we give to our students, attaining wealth and investing in real estate is about the right mindset and being financially fit in more than one way. Okay, I am rambling, time to get back to my vacation!

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