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What kind of person are you when it comes to being a real “doer�? Do you talk like you want to make some changes but when given the tools and opportunity you don’t “really� step up to the plate? Or do you take advantage of your opportunity and make something happen?

In life you will find those two types of people. Those who “talk� and those who “do�. See it is easy to talk about your dreams and what you want to do, but putting them into action is what separates the doers from the talkers.

“Talkers� tend to surround themselves with other talkers. And “Doers� only want to be around people who make things happen. What happens when you hang in a circle of talkers is that you all make excuses as to why something has not worked for you. You make each other feel good about your lack of success by blaming outside forces when in fact the only people to blame are you for the lack of real effort. If a Talker were to sit down and be honest with themselves and dissect their routine, they would quickly see the real reason why they have not achieved their goals.

On the flip side when Doers get together the talk is about action plans and the next goal and pushing themselves to be implementers. Doers encourage each other and do not allow excuses. Pity parties are not allowed in this circle.

Those tiny, simple yet powerful principles are what separates people in life. There is no Magic “thing� that someone has over you. They only thing they are doing different from you is not complaining, blaming or making excuses, but actually putting things into action. It seems like it should be something bigger right? But it’s not.

So what are you? A “Doer� or a “Talker?�

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