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I hope you had a great holiday weekend and are adjusting to the heat! I think the warm weather is finally here to stay!

Are you a doer? By that I mean, if you are handed an opportunity do you run with it and give it your all? Lots of times people THINK they are doers but in reality it is only a small percentage of people who actually put things into action. That is why the amount of people in the world who are mega successful is a small percentage. It takes hard work, fortitude and the ability to handle rejection to be successful. Anything worth having in life is not going to come easy or be cheap.

We get lots of real estate investing students each month who have a lot of drive and motivation and they are doing well. And of course we always have our super stars who go above and beyond and never cease to amaze me. Those are who we call hustlers! Everyone knows at least one hustler! The type of person that no matter what they do they scramble to get the job done. The type of person that if you tell them that something is successful, they don’t question it they just do it. The type of person who says if you have done well doing A, then just show me how to do A and I will follow it to the letter. That is a hustler and a person who will eventually make it big. Maryland Real Estate Secrets has lots of hustlers.

If you want to meet our latest hustler who JUST left our Renegade Retreat on May 13th and has already secured THREE deals and profited from them in a matter of a couple of weeks, then you need to come on out and see how the Maryland Real Estate Secrets Program has done it AGAIN! Please come out May 31st at the Colony South Hotel. Register now at:  or call 202-595-1992.

Get “Rich-N- Fit� with the Queen! Can you really afford not to?

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