Are you a Blogging bug-A-boo? Vicki Irvin

Blogging for business is not a new concept. It is in fact an integral part of any effective online business strategy and offers a completely new dimension to your internet marketing efforts when trying to promote and sell your products and services on-line.

When you have quality blogs online, your target audience will see you as a proactive and dynamic entrepreneur who responds quickly and efficiently. In fact, your blogs help you in building relationships with your customers that money can hardly buy. It can be an extremely effective way of building rapport which is key to converting prospects to paying customers.

Once your blog is live online, you should carefully assess your expectations. Following the blogs of people having similar interests in your own line of business is a good business strategy that can provide you with key information on what is actually working.

For your blogging efforts to actually pay off for you, you must post content on a regular and continuous basis. Even a paragraph posted every week can achieve substantial results for you. The features of a quality blog are regularity, high relevance to target keywords and topics as well as your fluency.

Additionally, you can use a more casual tone on your blog, which will actually help you become a friend of your customers, similar to how I LOVE communicating with you each week! I like for my subscribers to get to know me so that we can connect on more than one level, and you should strive to do the same in your own blogging efforts.  Besides, nobody likes to hear a bunch of impersonal techie talk all the time, right?

Perhaps the most important aspect of using blogs for online business marketing and promotion is that Google in particular loves blogs, and you cannot expect to make it big online without Google recognizing you.

Does Google know you? If not, you too MUST become a blogging bug-A-boo!

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